In 1991, three friends, Bob Ralston, Larry Guenther, and Dr. Vern Stenger decided Midland needed another community orchestra to give volunteer musicians in the area an opportunity to play and residents the opportunity to hear free concerts. On Sunday, February 9, 1992 under the name of Midland Civic Orchestra, the first concert was held in the Central Intermediate Auditorium. Bob Ralston was the Conductor and the soloists were Tim Frank, violin and Karl Krummel, Oboe. The Midland Symphony Board of Managers helped support the creation of the orchestra and the Midland Public Schools provided the rehearsal space and use of their music libraries. The second concert was held on April 26 with Grant VonWald, clarinet and Paul Clulo, trumpet as soloists.

The following year, the orchestra was renamed the Midland Community Orchestra and Robert T. Ralston began his second season of what would become his 16 year contribution to our city as conductor of the MCO. Bob then retired from his position and passed the baton to Tim Frank, who led the group for the following two years. Wendy Hohmeyer was named conductor in the fall of 2009. In the Spring of 2015 Gina Provenzano was named conductor and continues in that position.The orchestra was, and continues to be funded soley by individuals, matching grants and gifts.